Marketing Ideas that work

By Joe Klein on January 31, 2012

When I studied marketing in the mid 80's, the common wisdom was that once you've mastered the application of the four P's of marketing - Product, Placement, Promotion and Price, you were on your way to success and riches. I've recently glanced through an old textbook called "Marketing Fundamentals" and reflected on just how much things have changed in the last 30 years.

We work in a very different environment today. Many business models that prospered in the 80's have succumbed to the ravages of progress while new multi-billion Dollar businesses have mushroomed as a result of the availability of new technologies.

Our marketing plans are optimized and customized to our clients' requirements. We provide you, the client, with original ideas combined with the latest marketing and technological innovations. We use the time-proven fundamentals such as the "four P's of marketing", but we also add many other components such as customer needs analysis, scaling, chaining, online solutions and many more.

Broadly speaking, we have three types of clients: 1) Those with stagnating or falling sales and profits 2) Those with acceptable profits who want to go to the next level 3) Start-ups who are looking to implement a strong marketing system.

Whatever category your business belongs to, please give us a call to discuss how we can help transform your business into a cash machine.